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Baby Side Bed

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Keep your baby close to you when you sleep and develop that special bond with your little one. Push it up against your own bed and make breastfeeding easier. The zippers allow the side to be opened or closed easily to keep an eye on the baby while you’re lying down. It is adjustable so […]

Baby Support Seat- Pink/Turquoise

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These adorable and brightly designed baby seats wrap your infant in plush comfort while they observe their surroundings. Their back is stablised and supports good posture in an upright position. There are even some toy attachments to keep them entertained and develop more skills. It safely supports your baby in 360 degrees of comfort.   […]

Back Hair Remover

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Back Hair Remover – This innovative back hair remover lets you shave your back, neck, shoulders and hard to reach areas. The unique patented design enables one to remove unwanted back hair in the privacy of your own home or while traveling. The back hair remover is perfect for anyone with limited mobility due to […]

Backpack Bumble Bee – Green

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This trendy Mini Bumble Bee backpack with a hard shell that will protect your little ones treasures. Great for carrying small items like kids lunchbox, snacks or accessories. The bag has adjustable arm straps and the extended knitting on the sides will make it to snuggle securely on your child’s back. It also has a […]

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