Suction Figure Toys – 28pc

Suction Figure Toys - 28pc - Stick this innovative suction toy to any surface, making different numbers and shapes. This toy stimulates creativity and development whilst providing hours of fun. Made from silicone building blocks, these suction figure toys help build your child’s critical, cognitive skills whilst improving their fine motor skills. Recommended for children age 3 years and older.


  • Make different shapes and numbers using the suction toys and stick them to any surface
  • Material: Silicone Building Blocks - Encourages and stimulates creativity
  • Multiple developmental and educational benefits & Provides hours of fun
  • Keeps your child’s curiosity and helps build their critical cognitive skills
  • Different shapes and colors to attract the attention of the baby
  • Specification colour and contents may vary from illustrations
  • Recommende age 3+


What comes in the box:

  • Suction Figure Toys - 28pc




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26 in stock

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