Solar Robot Cricket

Solar Robot Cricket will march its way seeking valuable clues when activated by the power of the sun. With direct sunlight, this little cricket will keep strutting with more vigor than you could imagine. Ideal for a do-it-yourself science fair, after-school, or summer workshop project with the bonus gift of learning mechanical transmission and electrical motor theory.Experts believe that the retention of a childs learning experience is multiplied if they can coordinate reading with actual hands on experience.  It's a wonderful instrument for the beginner enthusiast 8 years+ , and a gateway to ignite opportunities in fun learning.



Adjustable solar panel

Gear transmission system

16 fun accessories

Age: 8 +

Theme: Insect     


What comes in the box:

1 x Solar panel with motor

1 x Pinion gear (white)

2 x gear (white)

1 x Gear with shaft (white)

2 x Eyes

1 x Sponge

1 x Antenna 

1 x Round shaft (short)

1 x Round shaft (middle)

1 x Round shaft (long)

Plastic parts

Instruction manual


Packaging Dimensions:

(L x H x W) 20.5 x 15.5x 4.5cm



Procuct dimension:

17 x 9.5 (l x h)



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Out of stock

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