Smart Coffee Table Light Brown

This smart table is a combination of style and innovations. The coffee table itself has a modern and elegant design that is both simple and a statement. To make this coffee table even more extraordinary it folds up into a dining table too. The dining table is of standard height and is spacious enough for 6 people to sit around with ample room. This table is the perfect item to add an interesting element to your house as well as to help save space. The table is great for small spaces where a dining room table isn’t convenient.




-          - Elegant coffee table design


-          - Stylish dining room table


-          - Smooth mechanisms for ease of table style change


-         -  Modern colour and design


-          - Extremely sturdy


Product Dimensions:


Coffee table: (HxWxL)


-          42 x 60 x 70cm


Dining table: (HxWxL)


-          78 x 79 x 138cm


Product Weight:


-          30kg


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1 in stock

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