Silicone Lid – White (Set of 6)

These elasticity silicone lids are amazing for keeping food fresh, preventing spills, and stopping that fridge smell from happening. Reusable and durable, the silicone is stretchy, fitting over various container sizes, and is resistant to tears and warping. The material is BPA free and non-toxic, making them perfect to use with your food. Food will taste fresh and when done, they can be cleaned in the dishwasher.These convenient lids can be used to cover bowls, cups, jars, containers, even over fruits and veggies - like watermelon and onion! Seal it up with this great choice.



Convenient and light



Seals and preserves food

Good elasticity and durable

Food-safe silicone, BPA Free and Non-toxic

Can use in freezer, microwave, and dishwasher

AirtightLeak-proof seal

Stretchy and can be used on different sized containers

Longevity and resistant to tearing 


What's in the box:

6 x reusable silicone lids - various sizes 


Measurements (diameter)

XXS = 6 cm

XS = 9 cm

S = 11 cm

M = 14 cm

L = 15.5 cm

XL =  20 cm



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356 in stock

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