Sewing Caddy 210pc

Are you a novice seamstress that needs to get the job done? Well with this 210- piece sewing kit enclosed in a nifty plastic storage caddy is the ideal kit for all fashionista's, tailors, seamstresses, moms and grannies. This kit is a small round box full of sewing essentials. Everything you need to fix that pink dress, stitch up those old favourite shirts, mend the frays and more can be done with this brilliant kit.


Everything you need in a single sewing box!

With this Organizer Sewing Set 210 Pieces keep all your sewing tools organized: threads, needles, buttons, thimbles, etc.

With this organizer you will never lose your accessories, ideal to have at home tidy and with everything you need to sew.

Includes 210 pieces (including: thimbles, needles, threads of all colors, brooches, pins, brooches among other things)

Contains removable storage bins

Has an easy to carry handle

Small enough to put into you knitting bag 

What comes in the box:

1 x Packet Assorted threads

1 X Packet Assorted buttons

1 x Packet Sewing needles

1 x Packet Assorted quilting pins

1  Packet Snaps

1 x Seam ripper

1 x Tape measure

1 x Old-fashioned metal thimble

1 xDarling puff-ball critter pin cushion (colors and styles may vary)

1 x Needle threader

1 x Packet Safety pins

1 x Mini scissors (useful for clipping thread)

210x Assorted sewing pieces 

1x Sewing plastic container kit

Packaging Dimensions:

16cm x 16cm x 15cm 

Product Dimensions:

6.5cm x 6.5 cm x 6 cm 



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2 in stock

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