Save-a-Flush Set of Two

Save-a-Flush is an award-winning displacement device that fits in the toilet tank to displace water and reduce the size of the flush.

Save-a-Flush is made from a laminate envelope containing a super absorbent polymer and is very easy to use as it self-inflates when dropped into the toilet cistern. It will last for many years, is light-weight and simple to install.


Fits all toilets.

Comes in a 1 Litre to 1.2 Litre Water Saving Bag.

Saves on average 12 litres per day.

Lifespan of 3 - 5 years, saving up to 7000 litres annually in just one toilet.

Easy and quick to fit – 3 easy steps

Envelope Contents - Laminated Super Absorbent Polymer Silica Sand


What comes in the box:

2 x Save-a-Flush

Instructions Manual on packaging


Product Dimensions:

14.5cm x 25cm x 2mm  -  each

Product Weight: NW 

0.006 kg   (6g)


Packaging Dimensions: (LXWXH) 

30cm x 19cm x 2cm


Packaging Weight: GW


0.006 kg   (6g)


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25 in stock

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