Mini Portable Projector

If you’ve ever wished for an easily portible big flat screen televisoion, this is the perfect solution with less stress. Project your work presentation, your educational video, or your home movie with this portable and compact projector. Small and light enough to carry with one hand, it is easily carried on vacation, to work, or anywhere else you want to use it. With multi-media functionality, you can insert a USB or micro SD, and audio AV input. Bring the big-screen with you and be the life of the party.



Modern design

USB and Micro SD input for content

HDMI functionality 

Portable and compact

Simple to use

Headphone jack AV input

Perfect for educational purposes, work presentations, home viewing, and more.



Product size: 12.9 x 9.1 x 5.2 cm

Native resolution: 320*240 pixels

Supported resolution: 1920*1080 pixels

LED light

ABS Plastic

Projection distance 0.8-2 m

Projection size: 24-60 inches

Projector ratio: 1.6:1

Aspect ratio: 4:3

Power supply: Standard adapter 12V/2A and mobile 5V/2A

Consumption: 10W-24W

Multi-media system support

Language support: 23 languages



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50 in stock

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