Majestic Mosquito Killer – Black (5W)

Enjoy your warm weather nights with peaceful sleep. 

This majestic mosquito killer uses photocatalyst technology to trap insects without using chemicals or radiation. Safe for humans and pets, it is compact and easy to take anywhere with USB power support. The UV light wavelength attracts the mosquitos and the seven-leaf fan uses cyclone force to trap them. The simple twist function allows you to dipose of dead insects and easily clean the container. Perfect for use in the living room, bedroom, or camping tent, allow a breeze to cool you down on warm summer nights peacefully.



Eco-friendly – no chemicals or radiation

Effective bug zapper

Easy to use and clean

Compact size

Safe for pets and humans

UV wavelength light that insects are attracted to

LED lights

USB power support

Powerful 360 degree fan 

Perfect for indoor use such as bedrooms, tents, kitchens, etc.


What comes in the box:

1 x majestic mosquito killer

1 x USB 



Power: 5W

Accessories: one USB

Material: AB+PP Plastic

Voltage: DC5V

Colors: black

Product size: 13*13*20CM

Packaging size: 23x15x15



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