Magic Stretchy Sand 1kg – BLUE

Stretchy Sand is unique and unlike anything you’ve ever seen or felt before.
It’s solid like clay, flowy like sand and stretchy like slime.
You can knead it, build shapes with it or stretch it into a soft cotton candy
cloud. Due to a special coating, the grains of sand will stick together so that
your playing area won’t get messy. Beware… once you touch Stretchy Sand
you won’t be able to take your hands off it!

Magic stretchy sand blue is super fun for kids play everywhere around.
Play like dough, squeeze it, twist it, build your imagination!
Play like sand, watch it flow and shape it with moulds!


Always store magic stretchy sand blue in a closed bucket.

Choking hazard--- Small parts not for children under 3 years.

Always have adult's supervision while playing with this product.

Wash hands after playing.




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2 in stock

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