Jeronimo Domino Train 80pc

This domino train is amazing for colour recognition learning, hand-eye coordination abilities, and fine motor skills in toddlers and kids. Let them build whatever they’d like with the train, and watch it automatically dispense dominos for kids to knock down. The train lights up and makes sounds, adding to the fun. The blocks are colourful, non-toxic, and have rounded edges for safety. This little domino train will keep your kids fascinated for hours, building patterns and even more fun knocking them all down.



Hours of fun for kids

Bright colours

Enhances fine motor skills, coordination and colour recognition learning

Automatic placement of dominos

Non-toxic, rounded dominos


What comes in the box:

1 x train

80 x dominos



Best used on wooden, laminate, or smooth surfaces

Ages 3 and up

Train has sound and lighting



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Out of stock

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