Jeronimo Domino Ball Orbital Building Blocks 163pc

This 3D domino ball orbital building blocks will keep little ones entertained for hours! Build your tower and customise it as you want, then watch the ball fall through your domino maze until it reaches the bottom. The assembly is simple and builds developmental skills, hands-on skills, and problem solving skills. With fun designs like the whirly funnels, curved tracks and propellers, kids will be kept engaged. The quality material comes in bright colours, and is non-toxic and with smoothed edges. Build insane towers and see if the ball will make it to the bottom! 



Builds on developmental and learning skills


Building with different designs

Bright colours


Quality material

Smooth edges

Ages 3+


What's in the box:

1 x 163pc Domino Ball Orbital Building Blocks



163 pieces

Packaging size: 76.5 x 36 x 9 cm

Packaging weight: 34

Product weight: 26 


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4 in stock

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