Jeronimo – 24PCS Cash Resigster with voice recogni

A great role play game for the young kids. With a variety of simulation features such as doing the daily grocery shop, learning and coins and notes and how to run a supermarket business. Children can carry out scenario simulation, role-playing, and promote communication. This toy is a staple household toy that every child will enjoy. Take it with you to the neighbours, pack it for nursery school, carry it with you granny and grandpa. 


Made of high end ABS
Safe to use
Thickened design, firm and resistant to fall
Realistic scanner 
Built-in calculation function
Push the button to transfer the purchased item
Simulate the weighing of goods and experience real shopping!
With amplifying microphone, cash card cash payment mode, can teach children to know coins and numbers
Batteries are required 
Bright coloured toys for colour learning 

What comes in the box:

1 x Cash Register
1 x Scanner
1 x Calculator
1 x Microphone 
1 x Scale
1 x Pack assorted monetary notes
1 x Pack assorted coins 
1 x Basket 
1 x Pack assorted groceries


Product Weight:


Product Dimensions:

25cm x 17.5cm x 14.5cm


Packaging Weight:



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202 in stock

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