Fogging spray – 60ml

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Aerosol disinfectant fogger is a simple and effective way of disinfecting and sanitising an area of up to 10 square meters. The application of the canister only takes 10 minutes to fog up a room, after which the room, air, and surface areas will be disinfected from any viruses and bacteria. The room is totally safe to enter after 30 minutes and is perfect to use in the office, at home, in classroms, and many more rooms being used in both business and personal life. The product will not leave residue on the surface area that have been disinfected. The sanitation of the room usually lasts 3-4 days after use.

Product Features

    75% Alcohol Content
    Disinfect & Sanitise a room simply
    Kills microbes that cause illness & odours
    Eliminate any unwanted odours
    Best for use in: Office, toilets, sickrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, boardrooms, B&B rooms & reception, pet dwellings, school classrooms, and retirement villages
    Once-off use per cannister


    Must be used in a well-ventilated area
    Avoid inhalation, if irritation occurs seek medical attention
    Keep reach out of children
    Keep out of direct sunlight or temperatures exceeding 50c


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