Camping Fold Out Cooler & Chairs

Picnics next to the ponds are made even more convenient with this cool outdoor fold out camping coolerbox/ Chair. Yes chairs attached to the cooler box, smartly packed and designed to allow you to drink and eat on your cooler box. A dual functioning item. This is perfect for camping as you dont need sepearte tables, chairs and cooler boxes. It all comes in one! Enjoy the convenience and ease of eating while in the wild. 



4 wheels for easy moving

Hand held puller

Square plastic box that is weather resistant 

Slick compact design 

All items and accessories fit into the structure 

2 Seater attachment 

Super easy to clean

Keeps food and beverages cold when in ice 

Store food for hours 

Easy to travel with 


What comes in the box:

1x Already assembled cooler box

1x White ice rack holder


Packaging Dimensions:

55CM X 35CM X 45CM 


Product Dimensions:

48CM X 33CM X 41CM 


Product Weight:



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2 in stock

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