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Police SUV electric ride on

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Encourage safety and appreciation for the safety forces by letting your little one drive around in this Police SUV. Let their imaginations run crazy – driving around and giving other kids speeding tickets, or arresting “criminals.” They can blast their favourite tunes, or blasting out a siren that will immerse them more in their game. […]

Portable Boxing Set

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Get fit or get your training on with this portable boxing set. The freestanding junior set includes a pair of boxing gloves to protect hands and provide an authentic touch. The blow moulded base can be weighted with water or sand and the inflatable bag is attached to the spring loaded steel shaft. The height […]

Portable Table Tennis Trainer

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Play table tennis without tables. This elastic soft axis table tennis game is the ideal product for people who love table tennis but don’t have the space for a big table tennis table. This product is suitable for children over 10 years of age. Let children experience the fun in sports and learn at the […]

Posture Seat Cushion

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Pure Posture is a supportive cushion that assists in aligning your pelvis and spine as you sit on hard surfaces so you can avoid experiencing pain in any area of your core or lower body. This can be used in your car, at home, the office or event outdoors. Made from a breathable plush fabric […]

Shield back to school

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Jeronimo – King Off-Road Climber – Green – The Jeronimo King Off-Road climber is designed to handle extreme off the road experiences. Have fun putting its 4-wheel drive, spring suspension and oversized rubber wheels to the test. Use the remote control to steer the car at a speed of 5.5km/h. Charge the battery with the […]

Skills Learning Board – Bear

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Skills Learning Board – Bear – Your children will have hours of fun dressing this happy, smiling bear while also learning basic skill like buttoning, zipping and lacing up clothing. This toy will enhance eye hand co-ordination whilst improving your little one’s fine motor skills. Each puzzle piece teaches your child a different skill, from […]

Sleeping Light (Sheep)

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Jeronimo-Sleeping light(Sheep)-Tactile stimulation can help a baby’s emotional stability. Projects moon and stars pattern. The voice of the amniotic fluid in the womb can calm the baby’s emotions and provide them with a sense of security. Features: Left button: Has 8 music and soft lights Middle button: Intrauterine amniotic sound playback and volume adjustment Right […]

Snuggie Shark Tail Blanket – Blue

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Perfect those who want to snuggle up hands free while reading, doing school work at home or just snuggling up in front of the T.V. It is ultra soft and comfortable. Keeping warm has never been so fun, and brings your imagination to life. Made from a Polyester blend and machine washable. Vibrant colours, ultra […]

Solar Robot Cricket

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Solar Robot Cricket will march its way seeking valuable clues when activated by the power of the sun. With direct sunlight, this little cricket will keep strutting with more vigor than you could imagine. Ideal for a do-it-yourself science fair, after-school, or summer workshop project with the bonus gift of learning mechanical transmission and electrical […]

Solar Robot Spider

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Build a science spider and watch how solar energy powers it up. With two assembly choices, you can decide on the stide length and shape. The eight multi-joined legs imitate the walking movement of a real spider. Help cultivate innovation and intelligence with the assembly and how the spider works, getting your kid interested in […]

Solar Robot Wild Boar

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Our Solar Wild Boar is a fun-loving solar kit that smiles as it klippy-klocks around any mess. it is ideal for a do-it-yourself science fair, after-school, or summer workshop project with the bonus gift of learning mechanical transmission and electrical motor theory. Features a swirling tail, opening and closing mouth and moving legs. The unique […]

Space Rail – Glow in the Dark Level 2

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Similar to a marble run in concept, SpaceRail takes it to a new level. SpaceRail is both educational and fun. It is a game that builds creativity, skill, persistence, and more. Playing with Spacerails consists of building a track that can be utilized to work as a marble roller coaster.Challenge your inner geek with this […]

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