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Jeronimo – Wooden Rocket

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Watch your child take their first command as they blast off into the final frontier. Hours of fun to be had with this mini Multi function rocket. This will improve your child’s colour recognition, hand-eye coordination and assist them in thinking logically.   Features: Enhances learning skills  Improves colour recognition and hand-eye coordination Bright colours […]

Jeronimo – Wooden Stacking Rings

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Jeronimo – Wooden Stacking Rings – The classic Jeronimo Wooden Stacking Rings is the must-have toy for young children. The toy is designed to help children with their gross motor skills as well as enhance logical thinking and problem solving. Children will love trying to stack the eight different sized rings on the solid wood […]

Jeronimo – Wooden Tea Set

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It’s party time! Tea party time, that is. Children love having their stuffed animals, dolls, and imaginary friends over for tea. This adorable little set will make tea time twice as fun. The authentic feel of the wood adds to the experience, and it has been smoothed for safety and painted for enjoyment. Including everything […]

Jeronimo – Wooden Train Set – Steeples – 36pcs

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Choo! Choo! Here is the stop for hours of fun. Combine learning and entertainment with this 36-piece Wooden Train Set. Your toddlers will enjoy driving the magnetic cars through a realistic urban scenery: trees, traffic lights and traffic signs! The 36 pieces also includes 5 human figures, a fence and plenty of track race parts […]

Jeronimo – Wooden Train Set 54pc

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Combine learning and fun with this 54 piece Wooden Train Set. Your toddlers will enjoy driving the magentic train set through trees, a bridge, and even a traffic signs! The 54 piece also includes 3 human figures, a house and plenty of track race parts for a longer railway track. It also comes with an […]

Jeronimo – Wooden Wall Activity Crocodile

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Jeronimo – Wooden Wall Activity Crocodile – The Jeronimo – Wooden wall activity crocodile toy is a wonderful addition to any wall its placed on! The Activity crocodile includes a variety of fun activities to build your child’s social and cognitive skills. The challenges offer a range of hands-on, problem solving learning opportunities for the […]

Jeronimo -Wooden Lunch Playset

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What better way to take a break for lunch than with a toasted sandwich and cool fizzy drink. Designed and crafted using the finest wood, this beautiful wooden toaster set is the perfect kitchen accessory for children who love role play. The set includes all the essentials to make the perfect lunch, and is beautifully […]

Jeronimo Backpack – Beauty

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Be prepared to look beautiful wherever you go with the Jeronimo Beauty Backpack. This amazing toy set doubles up as a backpack so you can take it along to outings and to sleepovers. Kids can imitate mom with the this 21-piece set that includes everything you could possibly need for a first class pampering treatment- […]

Jeronimo Backpack – Kitchen

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Jeronimo Backpack – Kitchen Let your child whip up a storm in the Jeronimo Kitchen Backpack. This awesome toy set doubles up as a backpack so that your budding little chef can cook on the go. The set has everything your mini master chef will need to get started. The 24-piece set includes a stove, […]

Jeronimo Backpack – Pet Pony

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For any child that has asked for a pony as a present, the Jeronimo Pet Pony Backpack is the next best thing- and this pony can be played with both indoors and outdoors! The set is portable and can be taken along on outings and for sleepovers. The pet pony comes in a nifty case […]

Jeronimo Backpack – Pet Puppy

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If you’re thinking of getting a real dog, you can first teach your children how to look after them with the adorable Jeronimo Pet Puppy Backpack. This brightly coloured toy set doubles up as a backpack and contains everything you need to look after this adorable pet puppy. It’s a wonderful way for your child […]

Jeronimo Block Bucket – Green 58pc

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Jeronimo Block Bucket – Green 58pc – Building blocks are one of the essential must-have toys for your child’s development. The 58-piece Jeronimo Block Bucket is the perfect introduction to block building as it assists your little one in learning about different colours and shapes. It also includes stickers for your child to decorate their […]

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