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70cm + 32cm Toolbox combo

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The Big Jim organiser can be used to store any tools, screwdriver sets or electrical appliances. It has a separate top with lid where smaller tools or items can be stored. Whether you’re a rookie handyman or a seasoned do-it-yourselfer, a range of basic tools is essential to doing the small jobs around the house. […]

Bin 1 (110mm)

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Digging through boxes and bags is a thing of the past. Keep all your nitty gritty items neat and organised with these storage bins. Whether you need to store nuts or bolts, screws or nails or any other small items, these bins are the way to go.   Features: – Covinient  – Stackble – Easy to […]

Fine Living Magic Pan

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This magic pan will speed up your cooking process with the versatile 5 in 1 grilling function. The pan is divided into 5 separate sections, allowing you to cook various foods at the same time. Featuring one large area and 4 smaller sections, this works on all stove tops with heat induction. It is ergonomically […]

Maxi 4-Tier Shelf (6002923006460)

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4 tier shelf that fits in any environment with its simple sleek design, best for garages. Sturdy and spacious allowing you to store anything: toys, tools, art supplies or anything else you need to keep out of the way until you need it. What’s in the box1x 4 tier maxi shelf Assembled Dimensions    43.5 x […]

Toolbox Professional 42cm (yellow lid)

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Used to organize, carry, and protect your tools. 42cm long making it easy to fit most tools. The perfect accessory for any handyman who is on the move or just needs to keep their tools together and in tip top condition.   Features: – Carrying handle for easy portability  – Spacious for multiple tools   […]

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